2021 Breeding Packages

If you’re thinking of breeding your mare this season, then look no further for complete mare reproductive management.

Our Breeding Packages are comprehensive, per-cycle plans that help maximize your mare’s chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy, while also offering savings for you! Options are available for artificial insemination with either fresh cooled or frozen semen.

Whether you are a first-time breeder or have years of experience, you can trust Agwest to take care of your equine reproductive needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  As much as we wish pregnancy could be guaranteed, there is no way to ensure conception on any given cycle due to a variety of factors.

Sometimes, complications can arise during a breeding cycle, such as poor semen quality, difficulty in obtaining semen, or ovulation failure on the part of the mare. Our team does it’s best, but these and other circumstances are beyond the control of Agwest. Therefore, the Breeding Packages are non-refundable once management of the mare’s estrus cycle has begun.

Of course! We are always happy to meet your equine reproductive needs. Mares not registered for a Breeding Package will be invoiced as regular per visit rather than as a set price per cycle.

This is a very important and detailed part of the plan. Owners must be in contact WELL IN ADVANCE with stallion owners to determine collection days for fresh AI plans. Frozen semen should be obtained and ALREADY in storage at Agwest BEFORE the mare starts her breeding package. Agwest can assist with importing and shipping semen internationally (fees apply). Plan ahead as this task is time sensitive.

The Breeding Package includes all standard procedures for the management of 1 estrus cycle in a fertile mare. Some mares will require more intensive lab diagnostics or therapy for subfertility, and these are not included in the Breeding Package. Your veterinarian will assess your mare as an individual and any additional recommendations will be discussed with you.

No. Mares enrolled in the program must be housed at the clinic. Space in the clinic is limited and Breeding Packages are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The day-14 pregnancy ultrasound examination is included in your package. You can bring your mare into the clinic, or we can come to your location (call fee applies).

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